Monday, August 5, 2013

SEO services

Have you ever felt that no matter what you do, you are seo services successful with the search engines? While it is very likely that they will do the wrong thing, another possible reason for the poor performance of its SEO is that the competition is very tough. If you are in a very competitive position, your competition can be really great and simply can not afford to not keep an eye on them.

Well, even if the position is not so competitive, you only win if you know how to handle success and failure of their competitors. Here are some steps you can do to analyze your SEO competition.

Find Who are your competitors SEO
You can analyze your competitors, if you do not know what they are. In some cases, identifying your competitors is very easy - for example, if you have an offline seo services business and know your competitors there, just check their sites already.

However, in other cases, identifying your competition is not so easy. Your competitors could be sites in your niche, sites that rank well in major keywords, or direct competitors of the long tail keywords, etc. The list of competitors can be quite long and apparently can not control all . Do a search on Google for your target keywords and make a list of the sites / companies in search results. You may think these are your main competitors.

Visit your competitors and analyze
Once you have a list of your competitors - or at least the big ones - the next step is to visit their sites and analyze them. Should monitor if their websites are designed professionally, if you have a lot of content, what is the quality of your content, you can use either static or dynamically generated URL, etc. This basic inspection can give a lot of information about how professional your website presence of competition is, therefore, how likely or unlikely it is that the search engines love.

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