Saturday, August 3, 2013

Competition Put your presence on social media

Social media tend to drive lots of traffic seo services to a site. That's why you can not skip a check how your competitors are doing on social networks. Unfortunately, this test is more difficult. Social bookmarking sites are one of the types of social media and you can start your research on them. Check out some of the major social bookmarking sites to see if your competitors have posts there and how popular these places.

Twitter and Facebook are two great sources of traffic. You can browse to see if your main competitors have a profile on these sites, but if you do not associate with them, you never know exactly what you publish. However, if their profiles have publicly available sections, this seo services gives an idea of what they do on Twitter and Facebook.

Analyze how your competitors are using PPC ads
Many companies have realized that using PPC to drive quality traffic is cheaper and more efficient than optimizing to rank well in natural search results. Google Adwords is the best choice for PPC but there are also other networks many webmasters use. One of the best tools, but limited to only Google Adwords, is the analysis tool of Google competition. Allows you to compare how your PPC campaigns is facing its competitors.

Monitoring your competition is a task that never ends. All activities mentioned in this article is quite long, but if you do not want to stay ignorant about the world around yourself, you should take the time and do the analysis. Even if you find that you can not beat the competition, you will definitely learn from them and this will help you be more effective in your own SEO efforts.

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